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Individual exhibitions

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Painter of frontier spaces - Alejandro Vergara
Paintings exhibition, Sen gallery (Madrid, 2004)

Light in August in the North - Berta Vías Mahou
In silence: men, Bat-Alberto Cornejo gallery (Madrid, 2002)

What is the world like? - Jorge Cuní
ARCO 2001, Bat-Alberto Cornejo gallery (Madrid, 2001)

Madrid-Moscú - Carlos García-Alix Spring 2000 exhibition, Bat-Alberto Cornejo gallery (Madrid, 2000)

Mariana or life through rose color glasses - Miluca Sanz
Arco 1999, Bat-Alberto Cornejo gallery (Madrid, 1999)

Mariana Laín: A nearby horizon - Gonzalo Suárez
Paintings exhibition, Ynguanzo gallery (Madrid 1997)

Fernando Royuela
Reuniting exhibition, Red Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid (mercado Puerta de Toledo, Madrid, 1996)

Collective exhibitions

Tintin, 25 glances José Ramón Ortega gallery (2011)

Collage of collages - Juan Manuel Bonet
Collage exhibition, Sen gallery (Madrid, 2008)

A position and an exhibition - Enrique Andrés Ruiz
Painting in the time of art. Twenty Spanish painters for the 21st century, Baluarte (Pamplona, 2008)

Todisa painting awards, Antonio Bonet Correa
4th Todisa painting award, Reales Alcázares (Cordoba, 2002)


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